Pet Sitting For Puppies

Why pet sitting for puppies? puppies require regular care during the working day, especially if you are out of the home for a long period. We can provide companionship and care visits that can include house or garden play and care as well as a short walk from the house. For puppies, this early routine can evolve into a full walk as the dog gets older, stronger and is socialized.

Are Our puppy Sitting Professionals for You?

  • Do you work during the day and need a reliable pet care professional to come in and check on your puppy while you are not home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the whole notion of having a puppy and need someone with tons of puppy experience to help guide you in the right direction?
  • Do you need help with routine relief breaks to ensure your puppy stays on a proper schedule for house training?
  • Do you feel guilty leaving your puppy in a crate all day?  Want him to have some human interaction to break up their day?  Or maybe even a furry friend or two for a walk when they’re old enough?
  • Then pet sitting for puppies is just what the puppy ordered.

What’s included With Pet Sitting For Puppies?

  • Relax the guilt you have of leaving your puppy all alone
  • Help with housebreaking and potty break schedules
  • Provide your puppy with companionship when you can’t be there
  • Socialization with other people, places and other dogs in the neighborhood and in the area
  • Ensure feeding and exercise routines go uninterrupted
  • Help with leash walking skills
  • Basic commands… and more!

Visits are 30 or 45 minutes each.

Our Experts

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Why keep a dog when you work full time?

More than a third of all households in the USA include a dog. That so many people love dogs won’t be a surprise to you. There are benefits to dog ownership that go beyond companionship and love.  There is no doubt, for example, that owning a dog can be a major factor in getting people outdoors and moving around.

An Australian study showed that dog owners walked on average 18 minutes a week more than non-dog owners. It isn’t a huge amount, but every little counts!  Of course, the primary reason we want a dog in our lives is because we love them and appreciate the shared bond between us.

In a British study published in 2005 over 90% of pet parents regard their dog or cat as a valued family member

Dog ownership is not something to be taken lightly of course and the love you will feel for your dog is a double-edged sword. Bringing both pleasure and responsibility in equal measure.

While it would be great to spend all day and every day with our dogs, most of us work. The days where every home contained a full-time stay at home Mom are long gone.  So it’s inevitable that many dogs live in homes that are empty for part or all of each working day.  It’s sad when pet sitting for puppies is readily available.

Some people feel that this is wrong or cruel. Others feel that hard-working folk should not be punished by being deprived of the joys that dog ownership can bring.  There is no doubt that when managed badly, pet ownership by working pet parents can result in sad, neglected pets.

Managed well however, it can work out happily for all concerned.  Hiring a pet sitter for puppies create harmony for everybody.

Pet Sitting for puppies is the answer

Leaving a small puppy alone while at work is something you’ll probably be concerned about and you’ll want to be sure that your puppy is safe, happy and healthy if you plan to do this.

We’ll talk about how long a puppy can be left alone during the day, what to do with your puppy while you are at work, how to crate train a puppy when you work and much more.

Because caring for a puppy is more involved than caring for an adult dog, it’s important to give some thought to the needs and requirements of a puppy before taking the plunge, but know there are services like pet sitting for puppies available.

Can I have a puppy when I work?

Puppies don’t stay puppies for long. But while they are little, they need a lot of attention.  Raising a puppy when your work requires commitment and the chances are you are going to need some help.  Puppies need companionship, frequent meals, and potty training.

Raising a puppy while working can be done, but you need to do it right.  And for most working pet parents that means paying for some help

How long can I leave a puppy alone?

The number of hours you can leave a puppy for will depend on his age, potty training stages, and whether or not the puppy is crated.

Here are some guidelines to help you figure out what kind of help you are going to need at each stage.

From 8-10 weeks of age: The new puppy needs a lot of attention and companionship. For the first few days, your home is a stranger’s home. And he may be very upset to be left alone there

You need to either arrange for time off work to be with him for much of the day, or for someone else to look after him whilst you are at work.

He needs to be taken out to his toilet area at very frequent intervals and gradually accustomed to spending longer periods of time alone. He also needs to be taken on lots of outings to ensure he is properly socialized. This is vital, and difficult (if not impossible) to cram into evenings and weekends.

If you leave him alone too soon and for too long, he may get very distressed.

From 10-12 weeks of age: Your puppy’s bladder capacity is increasing but he may still be unable to last the four hours until you come home at lunchtime.

If you crate him, you’ll need to arrange for someone to come in and let him out mid-morning. Or the equivalent for an afternoon or evening shift.

If you leave him alone for four hours, you’ll need a puppy pen to keep him safe and out of mischief. With his night crate at one end with the door open, so that he can empty his bladder away from his sleeping quarters.

From 3-6 months of age: By the time he is six months old, your puppy will probably be able to last three to four hours without a wee, and he may be happy to sleep those four hours away in a large adult sized crate.

It is important here to consider the journey time to and from work. People often say “I only work four hours” but in reality, the dog is left a good deal longer than that because of the travel time involved.  If you are going to leave your dog any more than four hours, then he really would be better off with a puppy pen arrangement.