Puppy Program

Puppies require regular care during the working day, especially if you are out of the home for a long period. We can provide companionship and care visits that can include house or garden play and care as well as a short walk from the house. For puppies, this early routine can evolve into a full walk as the dog gets older, stronger and is socialized.

Are Our Puppy Sitting Professionals for You?

  • Do you work during the day and need a reliable pet care professional to come in and check on your puppy while you are not home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the whole notion of having a puppy and need someone with tons of puppy experience to help guide you in the right direction?
  • Do you need help with routine relief breaks to ensure your puppy stays on a proper schedule for house training?
  • Do you feel guilty leaving your puppy in a crate all day?  Want him to have some human interaction to break up their day?  Or maybe even a furry friend or two for a walk when they’re old enough?

What Does a Puppy Sitter Do?

  • Ease the guilt you have of leaving your puppy all alone
  • Help with housebreaking and potty break schedules
  • Provide your puppy with companionship when you can’t be there
  • Socialization with other people, places and other dogs in the neighborhood and in the area
  • Ensure feeding and exercise routines go uninterrupted
  • Help with leash walking skills
  • Basic commands… and more!

Visits are 30 or 45 minutes each.

Our Experts

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